Godox AD-H7 Honyecomb


Honeycomb is often used on flashes as hair lights in portraiture, or for background or accent lights anytime a photographer is interested in highlighting a portion of an image for dramatic effect. When attached to flash, Honeycomb helps draw attention to an object, texture, or color, and can help to create a desired atmosphere or mood in an image.

The Studio Honeycomb Grid is used as superior control support for direction of light stream. It will give a soft uniform light source and is ideal when combined with a reflector to add a fill light. The Honeycomb is a versatile tool for photographers who like to create a stylized lighting set up, it can be used to add a fill light on the side of the face or to provide you background lighting.

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Godox AD-H7 Honeycomb 50 Degree for AD-R6 Standard Reflector

– Honeycomb grid filter enables light to emit in various directions and focus on a smaller area.
– Provides 50 Degree beam spread.
– Produces smooth and natural transition and contrast lighting and shading effects.
– Fastened by adjustable velcro and rubber band, easy to use and attach firmly.
– Fit most of the standard shoe mount flashes in the market.
– Made of aluminum, lightweight and compact design.
– Perfect accessory for Direct and Hard Lighting.

– Brand: Godox
– Model: AD-H7
– Type: Honeycomb
– Degree: 50
– Diameter: 17cm
– Thickness: 1.3cm
– Compatibility: Godox AD-R6 Standard Reflector
– Material: Aluminum Alloy
– Color: Black

Included item:
– 1x Godox AD-H7 Honeycomb 50 Degree

Note: AD-H7 Honeycomb only. AD-R6 Standard Reflector is sold separately

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Dimensions 16 × 15 × 5 cm