Godox Barn Doors and Color Filters BD-07 for AD200 / AD200PRO


To achieve better light effects and shooting experience, Godox BD-07 Barn Doors with detachable Honeycomb Grid and 4 Color Gel Filters (yellow, green, red and blue) is the perfect choice. It is dedicated for Godox AD200 Pocket Flash.

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Godox BD-07 Barn Doors With Detachable Honeycomb Grid And 4 Color Gel Filter

– Model: BD-07
– Mount: Bowens
– Flash Compatibility: Godox AD200 Pocket Flash
– Barn Doors Material: Metal
– Honeycomb Grid Material: Metal

Included item:
– 1x Barn Doors
– 4x Color Gel Filters
– 1x Honeycomb Grid

Note: Flash and Light Stand are sold separately.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 17 cm