Godox P120 Fiber Glass Rod


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Godox Fiberglass Rod for P120L Parabolic Softbox

This is a replacement rod for Godox P120L Parabolic Softbox.

– Light and portable. Suitable for indoor studio shooting.
– Great portability
– Wide scope of application: studio and shooting are both suitable

– Brand: Godox
– Model: P120L
– Type: Fiberglass Rod
– Compatibility: Godox P120L Parabolic Softbox
– Working Temperature: Less than 60 Degree Celsius
– Material of Rods: Fiberglass
– Diameter: 120cm
– Depth: Approx. 74.2cm

Installation Method:
1. Open the softbox on the flat land, and symmetrically insert all 16 rods to the adapter ring.
2. install reflective liner: Paste the liner to a ring before pasting it to the softbox.
3. Install inner diffuser: Open the diffuser and mount it to the softbox’s internal buttons one by one.
4. Install outer diffuser: Open the diffuser and evenly paste it to the softbox’s edge.
5. Install softbox on the light stand: please insert the flash into the softbox before installing them on the light stand.

Included item:
– Godox Fiberglass Rod for P120L Parabolic Softbox

Note: Rod only. Other items are not included.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 120 × 10 × 10 cm