Godox UB-85D Parabolic Umbrella 85cm Translucent + DPU-85BS


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Godox UB-85D Parabolic Umbrella 85cm Translucent and DPU-85BS Black Silver Diffuser – UB85D and DPU85BS

Parabolic Umbrella
The 85cm Translucent Parabolic Umbrella from Godox is a unique light modifier that combines the effects of an umbrella and softbox. The umbrella creates a soft, diffuse light, and the transparent material enables you to use the umbrella as a bounce or a shoot-though light modifier similar to a softbox.

This Black and Silver Diffuser from Godox is for 85cm Parabolic Umbrellas. One side of the diffuser features a black material to absorb light and reduce reflections when shooting through umbrellas. This creates more contrast and provides a dramatic look for portraits. The other side of the reflector has a silver material for increasing light output and providing a more specular look. This creates a shinier light that is well-suited for fashion photography, which highlights hair and makeup.

Key Features:
Parabolic Umbrella
– White Translucent Material
– Bounce or Shoot Through
– Softens and Diffuses Spread of Light
– Enhances Ambient Lighting

– For 85cm Parabolic Umbrellas
– Black Diffuser Absorbs Light
– Silver Diffuser Reflects Light

Parabolic Umbrella
– Model: UB-85D
– Diameter: 85 cm
– Exterior: Translucent
– Interior: Translucent

– Model: DPU-85BS
– Color: Black and Silver

Included items:
– 1x UB-85D Parabolic Umbrella 85cm Translucent
– 1x DPU-85BS Black Silver Diffuser
– 1x Carry Bag

Note: Stand is not included.

Weight 2 kg