Godox UB-85S Parabolic Umbrella Black-Silver 85cm


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Godox UB-85S Parabolic Umbrella 85cm Silver – UB85S

The 85cm Diameter Silver Parabolic Umbrella from Godox is a deep modifier that allows the light source to which it’s attached to be moved to the front or back along the shaft to “focus” the light from flood to spot. The parabolic shape is well-known for its sharp falloff that provides directional control, while its silver interior maximizes output.

Parabolic Umbrella
– Model: UB-85S
– Diameter: 85 cm
– Exterior: Black
– Interior: Silver

Included item:
– 1x UB-85S Parabolic Umbrella 85cm Silver
– 1x Carry Bag

Note: Stand is not included.

Weight 2 kg