Godox Witstro Pocket Flash AD200Pro

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Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash merupakan versi “update” dari produk sebelumnya Godox AD200 TTL Pocket Flash.

Produk ini memiliki fitur:

  • Warna yang lebih stabil di 5600K +/- 100K pada seluruh kekuatan cahaya (power level)
  • Kekuatan cahaya (power level) paling kecil di 1/256
  • Perubahan level kekuatan cahaya (power stepping) per 1/10  atau 0,1 stop
  • Design layar LCD yang diperbarui
  • Design tombol ON/OFF yang diperbarui
  • USB Port yang diperbarui menjadi USB-C
  • Flash holder yang terbuat dari bahan metal

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Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash

Significant New Feature:
– Stable Color Mode: 5600100K across power range
– 9 Stop Power Range: 1/256 1/1, in 1/10th stop increments
– Revised, slightly recessed interface, with added buttons
– Revised ON/OFF Switch
– USB Port Updated to USB-C
– Improved No-Twist Stand Mounting Points & Metal Umbrella Swivel

– Power: 200Ws
– Bare Bulb Head: GN 60m, ISO 100
– Speedlite Head: GN 52m ISO 100
– Flash Modes: TTL/M/Multi
– HSS: 1/8000th
– FEC/FEB: 1/3rd Increments (3 Stops)
– FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
– Manual Flash: 1/256-1/1 Output (1/10th Increments)
– Godox X 2.4GHz Radio System
– Canon, Nikon, Sony, M4/3, Fuji, Pentax, Radio Slave Modes (Auto Switching)
– Range: 100m
– Groups: A/B/C/D/E
– Channels: 32
– S1/S2 Optic Slave Modes
– Flash Duration Frensel Head: 1/220s-1/13000s
– Flash Duration Bare Bulb Head: 1/220s-1/11300s
– Color Temperature: 5600 +/- 200k
– Stable Color Mode: 5600 +/- 100k
– 14.4V 2900mAh Lithium-ion Battery
– Full Power Flashes: 500
– Recycle Time: 0.01-1.8Sec
– LED Modelling Light (Fresnel Head Only)

Included items:
– 1x Flash Body
– 1x Bare Bulb Flash Head
– 1x Speedlite Flash Head
– 1x Bare Bulb
– 1x Lithium Battery Pack
– 1x Battery Charger
– 1x Battery Charger Power cable
– 1x Flash Holder
– 1x Carry Case
– 1x User Manual

Note: AD-L, H200R, and Light Stand are not included.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm