Godox P90L with Grid


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Godox P90L with Grid Parabolic Softbox 90cm Bowens Mount

The Godox P90L Parabolic Softbox 90cm Bowens Mount is perfect for beauty and fashion industry shootings. The narrow shape reduces the spread of light and offers sharper shadows compared to standard sized octagonal softboxes. Folding down like an umbrella, it is easily transported, or just kept clean in the included carrying bag.

– Reliable and durable: wind crush and fall resistance
– Long service life: the softbox adopts 16 premium fiberglass or metal rods , for fiber-glass is light and portable white metal bods is high-temperature resistance and suitable for studio shooting.
– Great portability: with carrying bag
– Wide scope of application: studio and shooting are both suitable

– Brand: Godox
– Model: P90L
– Type: Parabolic Softbox
– Working Temperature: Less than 60 Degree Celsius
– Material of Rods: Fiberglass
– Mount: Bowens mount
– Diameter: 90cm
– Depth: Approx. 69.4cm
– Weight: Approx.1.5kg

Installation Method:
1. Open the softbox on the flat land, and symmetrically insert all 16 rods to the adapter ring.
2. install reflective liner: Paste the liner to a ring before pasting it to the softbox.
3. Install inner diffuser: Open the diffuser and mount it to the softbox’s internal buttons one by one.
4. Install outer diffuser: Open the diffuser and evenly paste it to the softbox’s edge.
5. Install softbox on the light stand: please insert the flash into the softbox before installing them on the light stand.

Package include:
– 1x Godox P90L Parabolic Softbox
– 16x Rods
– 1x Honeycomb Grid
– 1x Outer Diffuser
– 1x Inner Diffuser
– 1x Reflective Liner
– 1x Bowens Mount Adapter Ring
– 1x Carrying Bag

Note: Flash and Light Stand are not included.